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10 Benefits Of Drinking More Water!

When I was 14 years old, I cut soda completely out of my life! I still enjoy my coffees, teas, milk, and fruity drinks, but no soda. I wanted to test “The Benefits Of Drinking More Water!” I have set many life goals for myself with this being one. Now 2 and a half years later with still no ounce of soda, my life changed for the better! I still do not drink soda and I do not regret it. The wonderful benefits that come with drinking more water are addictive! Keep on reading to find out why I still continue to choose a water over soda.

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Benefits Of Drinking More Water!
Benefits Of Drinking More Water!

1. Energy Boost!

A big factor of dehydration is fatigue. If you aren’t drinking enough water throughout the day you might be feeling more tired than usual. Water is your healthy energy drink. Whether we walk to the kitchen or go for a run, your body is fueled by water and food. Did you know that 60% of your body should be water? That means we should be drinking a lot of water throughout the day to keep ourselves hydrated, healthy, and full of energy. Men should be drinking 101 ounces a day, which is a bit under 13 cups. Women should be drinking 74 ounces a day, which is a bit over 9 cups. So, drink drink drink up!

2. Clear Skin!

Before I had cut soda out of my life my skin was pretty bad. Acne, dullness, and dryness. These are just a few skin issues that come along with dehydration. Skin concerns like these can be a simple meaning of dehydration. Water works to flow out the toxins and waste out of your body and skin as well. Water also brightens your skin up. To appear as if you’re glowing and shining! It hydrates you from the inside to the outside noticeably as well. Water will cure dry skin and make it appear supple, hydrated, and moisturized! Hydration is key to clear skin!

Benefits Of Drinking More Water!
Benefits Of Drinking More Water!

3. Weight

Did you know that if you usually drink at least one large soda a day and you then quit drinking soda for a year you will lose around 60 pounds?! That means that you are reducing an annual intake of 200,000 calories! That’s a lot! A 12 oz. soda usually contains around 36 g of sugar and between 125-180 calories. Here is a great post on bad ingredients in sodas: (Source.) So if you are trying to lose weight try simply cutting out soda for a year. It will be like a lazy work out. You will lose a lot by simply just avoiding a drink!

4. Headaches and Migraines

I myself get lots of headaches. I currently have a headache while writing this blog post haha! Dehydration can cause headaches. Yes, I cut soda out of my life and drink more water now than ever. But I don’t drink enough water every day. I probably drink around 3-4 glasses a day. When I should be drinking around 9 glasses a day. Fun fact: when you become slightly dehydrated your brain shrinks a bit! Your brain is an organ that needs water. Again, 60% of your body should be water. Water can help by reducing the symptoms of a headache if you already have one or prevent one.

Benefits Of Drinking More Water!

5. A Cleanse

Occasionally we like to go get a big juicy cheeseburger and crispy golden fries for lunch. Next thing we know we are rushing to the bathroom. Processed and unhealthy foods like this can lead to lots of toxins and waste in your body. Water can help digestion and clean out your system! Water helps to flush and clean out these toxins and waste! Which then all goes straight to the toilet! Goodbye toxins and waste! You are also hydrating your body after all of that salt you consumed.

6. Prevents Cramps!

Whether you’re on your monthly menstrual cycle or just finished working out, cramps are usually associated. Sharp unwanted pains. Balling up on the floor until it goes away. Water can prevent this problem by hydrating your body! This wonderful, natural, healthy, God-given drink is key to health and preventing pain! Water can help your muscles become more flexible and your bones lubricated! Leaving your body quenched, cramp-free, and happy!

Benefits Of Drinking More Water!

7. Prevents Annual Sicknesses

That time of year when the flu or allergies spread around. It’s not our favorite time of year. We all try to avoid it whether that be by staying home, using hand sanitizer, or even masks. Doesn’t this sound familiar? COVID-19. Water can boost and help your immune system. It can protect you from sicknesses like the flu or a simple stomach bug, allergies, and even COVID-19! Studies have shown that staying hydrated can even reduce your chances of more severe diseases like a heart attack or cancer! Your organs thrive on water. Your organs also help to fight off and flush out toxins and bacteria. So keeping your organs hydrated and healthy is key to having a great immune system!

Benefits Of Drinking More Water!
Benefits Of Drinking More Water!

8. Brain Function

Studies show that even the slightest bit of dehydration can impair brain function. Dehydration affects your focus, mood, and more. Making it harder for your brain to work properly. Again, organs thrive on water. Water is an essential for you to live. Your brain is a very important organ. Because of your brain, you’re able to read what I’ve written. Dehydration can cause you to have a hard time reading, staying awake, and focusing. So fuel your brain! Give it what it needs.

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on “10 Benefits Of Drinking More Water!”

9. Kidney Stones

Though it is hard to find the main reasoning for kidney stones, research shows that soda is probably a huge reasoning to kidney stones forming. The reason that soda can cause kidney stones is because it contains phosphoric acid and fructose corn syrup. Very harmful ingredients in sodas. Your kidney has a hard time breaking down these ingredients and causes harm to your organs. Drinking water will flush out toxins and waste. Therefore, set back or give up the sodas and let water do it’s thing! Your kidneys need to be cleansed because they’re how and where we get rid of waste and toxins.

Benefits Of Drinking More Water!

10. Blood Pressure

Dehydration causes changes in blood pressure. Blood pressure is the force of your blood on your arteries and veins. Blood volume is the the amount of fluid circulating around your body. Your blood pressure is how your blood gets to your tissues. If your blood can’t get to your tissues you will have a hard time functioning. Therefore, we need to drink lots of water to make the blood thinner and run smoother through your body to get to your tissues!

Benefits Of Drinking More Water!

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