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31 Best Women’s Health and Beauty Products…For Head to Toe!

Looking for some of the best women’s health and beauty products to add to your wishlist for feminine care and beauty? Well look no further! I’ve listed some great products below!

5 Best women’s health and beauty products from forbes:

1. Queen V

Finally, cute feminine wellness products that you’ll want to show off! So many traditional feminine hygiene products are purposefully made to look discreet, so I love that Queen V is making a bold statement and breaking the stigmas around vaginal wellness. 

With three main product collections—Maintain, Heal, and Enjoy—Queen V has products for every wellness need. Personally, I love the Pop The Bubbly pH-Balanced Bubble Bath, but there are so many products to try out that you’ll no doubt find something you love! Another plus? Their products are incredibly well-priced (as in under-$20!) and you can find Queen V at places like Target and CVS! (Source)

Best women's health and beauty products

2. Love Wellness

Founded by Lo Bosworth and backed by medical experts, Love Wellness is a great option if you are looking for natural personal care products. From an array of vitamins that treat everything from bloating to UTIs, to pH-balancing wipes, Love Wellness’s products will have you feeling like your best self.MORE FOR YOUFitness Test Drive: Should You Buy The New Peloton Plus Indoor Bike?Wine, Spirits, And Food: The Books To Buoy You Through WinterHow Selena Gomez Ended Up Investing In This Iconic Ice Cream Brand

Plus, I love the rainbow-assortment of packaging. You’ll want to share all your chic Love Wellness products on Instagram! (Source)

Love Wellness Balanced Cycle Kit

Best women's health and beauty products

3. Lola

Who doesn’t love a good subscription service? As a busy mom and businesswoman with little free time, I love subscribing to different delivery services that make life easy, and LOLA lets customers build custom subscriptions for period products. 

You can select from different products like organic tampons and pads, decide how frequently you would like products to arrive, and can change up your order depending on what you need each month. 

No one should feel embarrassed about purchasing period products at the store, but I do love that LOLA makes things hassle-free. (Source)

LOLA Period Essentials Kit

4. Lady Suite

We put so much care into developing comprehensive facial skincare routines, so why don’t we afford the same attention to the rest of our body? Lady Suite was specifically designed to give intimate skin some much-needed love. Their products were created to treat a number of issues, from razor burns to ingrown hairs to dryness, and bring quality, non-toxic skincare to your bikini area. (Source)

Lady Suite Refresh & Glow Bundle

Best women's health and beauty products

5. Knours

Everyone knows that hormones can throw even the best planned skincare routine out of whack, causing an increase of breakouts that nobody wants to deal with. Knowing this, Knours. was created to directly address how our skin responds to hormones changes throughout the month. Finally, there’s a skincare brand that actually stands a fighting change to take care of hormonal acne! 

Their D-5 Calming Facial Soap in particular is targeted towards “PMS skin” as well as skin that’s easily affected by stress, pollution, and lack of sleep. (Source)

Knours. D-5 Calming Facial Soap

6 Best women’s health and beauty products from reviewed:

Best women's health and beauty products

1. An all-in-one hair tool

Reviews: 33,621
Rating: 4.4 stars

If you have long hair, it can take quite some time to wash, dry, and style it. That’s what makes the Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer so appealing—it promises to dry and smooth your hair simultaneously, shaving precious time off your daily routine thanks to its even air distribution and ionic hair-smoothing technology.

One of our reviewers has actually tested the Revlon One-Step, and she found it dried her hair in just six minutes, leaving it smooth, shiny, and volumized. Plus, she said there was no need to touch up with a flat iron, echoing the glowing sentiments of thousands of users. (Source)

Get the Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer on Amazon for $56.89

2. An amazing anti-wrinkle serum

Reviews: 7,492
Rating: 4.4 stars

Lots of ladies swear by their serums, which help keep your face looking hydrated and healthy by delivering essential vitamins right to your skin. However, the problem is that serums can be quite pricey—we’re talking $40 or more for a tiny, little bottle. 

If you want to give serums a try but don’t want to drain your wallet, you’ll love the InstaNaturals Vitamin C Serum, which can help hydrate your skin, prevent wrinkles and other signs of aging, reduce signs of acne, and overall tighten and tone the skin. Reviewers say it genuinely helps minimize acne scars, dark spots, and other issues, leaving their face feeling soft and luxurious. What do you really have to lose?! (Source)

Get the InstaNatural Vitamin C Serum on Amazon for $17.97

Best women's health and beauty products

3. A reusable menstrual cup

Reviews: 6,696
Rating: 4.4 stars

If you’ve ever wished there was a better way to deal with your period besides using tampons and/or pads, the DivaCup may be just the product for you. The uber-popular menstrual cup comes in three sizes and can be worn for up to 12 hours. Bonus: it’s reusable, so you don’t have to shell out money for sanitary products month after month and it’s greener than disposable products. 

So many women rave about the DivaCup, saying they’ll never go back to using tampons. Not only can a menstrual cup save you money, but it’s also easy to use and actually comfortable to wear all day. There is a bit of a learning curve when you’re first getting used to it, but most agree it’s a life-changing product. (Source)

Get the DivaCup Menstrual Cup on Amazon for $23.47

4. A top-rated underwire bra

Reviews: 4,424
Rating: 4.4 stars

Bra shopping can be a pain, especially since undergarments are so darn expensive! Given the eternal struggle of finding a comfortable yet supportive bra, we were excited to see that Warner’s This Is Not a Bra had such high ratings. This comfort-focused bra comes in a wide range of colors, as well as sizes from A to DDD.

Reviewers say this bra provides the perfect combo of support, comfort, and shape, delivering full-coverage cups with underwire that you can’t even feel. Plus, many note these bras are not noticeable under clothing and they hold up well over time. Winning all around! (Source)

Get the Warner’s This is Not a Bra Full-Coverage Underwire Bra on Amazon starting at $7

Best women's health and beauty products

5. Ridiculously comfortable yoga pants

Reviews: 10,137
Rating: 4.3 stars

As someone who essentially lives in yoga pants, I can confidently say 90 Degree by Reflex is one of the best (affordable) brands out there. I own roughly eight pairs, maybe more, of these leggings, and I wasn’t at all surprised at their glowing reviews on Amazon. 

These yoga pants are made of a nylon/spandex mix, and the waist is an incredibly comfortable high-rise design. The new version even comes with pockets, letting you store your phone securely while you exercise. Reviewers say the pants are high-quality and durable, and many have multiple pairs—that’s how good they are. (Source)

Get the 90 Degree By Reflex Womens Power Flex Yoga Pants on Amazon starting at $19.99

6. A compact hair-removal device

Reviews: 6,524
Rating: 4 stars

Hair removal is an ongoing struggle for many women. On one hand, you can shave multiple times a week, or alternatively, you can spend a lot of money getting a wax or laser hair removal. Given this no-win situation, it’s not surprising that so many women love the Philips Satinelle Epilator, a compact hair-removal device that’s quick and easy to use. 

Essentially, an epilator plucks out hair from the root, giving you the long-lasting results of plucking or waxing in less time and in the comfort of your own home. The brand says it takes around 10 minutes to use the device on both legs, and your results will last for weeks! Reviewers echo these sentiments, saying it’s a fast, efficient hair removal alternative—however, be aware that it does hurt since, ya know, it’s pulling your hairs out. (Source)

Get the Philips Satinelle Compact Hair Removal Epilator on Amazon for $26.99

BONUS! Here’s a video on some of the best women’s health and beauty tips:

6 Best women’s health and beauty products from byrdie:

1. LoonCup

LoonCup received its funding from a massively successful Kickstarter campaign, raising over $160,000 to create its product. The world’s first smart menstrual cup allows you to measure, analyze, and track your period as well as your health. It uses flexible sensors to tell you exactly how full it is and when it’s time to refresh; plus it tracks your fluid volume and color and analyzes your cycles. It connects to an app you can download on your phone—one that is both easy to use and intuitive to understand. It’s currently on pre-order, but you best believe we’ll be signing up. (Source)

LoonCup Smart Menstrual Cup $30SHOP

2. Fur

This essential oil blend is antiseptic, antimicrobial, and inflammation-reducing. If you’re not trying to remove your pubic hair, it’s the perfect tool to keep everything soft, hydrated, and clean. It contains grapeseed oil (for vitamins A and E), jojoba oil, clary sage seed oil (which reduces inflammation), and tea tree oil (for antibacterial and antifungal properties). (Source) (I love Fur, it’s one of the best women’s health and beauty products!)

Fur Oil $46SHOP

Best women's health and beauty products

3. Love Wellness pH Balancing Cleanser

“Women deserve to be clean and feel confident without risking their health, so we decided to take matters into our own hands with our pH Balancing Cleanser,” Love Wellness writes on its website. See, like tampons, the washes and wipes that have been marketed toward women for years may be brimming with harmful chemicals. And that’s genuinely terrifying. Also, as a gentle FYI, we know we’ve always been told not to use vaginal cleansers. That’s because the vagina (the internal organ) is self-cleaning. This wash, however, is meant for external use (which may decrease irritation and infection risk). (Source)

Love Wellness pH Balancing Cleanser $15SHOP

Best women's health and beauty products

4. The Perfect V

In that same vein, The Perfect V launched a gentle refreshing mist, a product meant to revitalize and boost the sensitive area by balancing pH and neutralizing scent. It employs the use of natural ingredients (rose water, cloudberry fruit extract, bilberry fruit extract, and sea buckthorn berry) to provide softening, nourishing, and anti-inflammatory benefits to your bikini line and vulva. (Source)

The Perfect V VV Beauty Mist $25SHOP

5. Thinx

Thinx offers underwear for light, medium, and heavy days of bleeding. There are different cuts (my personal favorite is the high-waisted option) that are comfortable, breathable, and overwhelmingly helpful. Whether you feel like free-bleeding or just want some extra protection, Thinx underwear recognizes that you are a person who menstruates, and its team knows that’s nothing to feel shame over. (Source)

Thinx Hi-Waist Period Panties $40SHOP

Best women's health and beauty products

6. Sweetpot

Scent-free and 98% natural, these pH-balanced wipes are a blend of aloe, cucumber, pineapple, and cranberry extract. They’re also free of sulfates, alcohol, parabens, phthalates, gluten, soy, and dairy ingredients. (Source)

Sweetspot Unscented Natural Feminine Wipes $10SHOP

10 Best women’s health and beauty products from blog.technavio:

1. Procter and Gamble

The global leader in feminine care, Procter and Gamble (P&G) is committed to bringing female hygiene to the social forefront. From launching discreet products for sensitive bladders, to partnering UNESCO to help girls impacted by the Syrian crisis, the company is working towards reaching out to females of all age groups and meet their specific needs.

Leading products: The Always line of products, which includes Always Infinity™, Always Ultra Thins, Always Maxis, Always Pantiliners and Always Feminine Wipes. (Source)

2. Unicharm

This Japanese multinational company specializes in the manufacture of adult and baby diapers. Its feminine care products are popular not only in Japan, but in other parts of Asia as well. Unicharm’s strategy of manufacturing affordable napkins has helped it to dominate the markets in Indonesia and Thailand.

Understanding the growing demand for feminine napkins in the MENA region, Unicharm plans to establish its manufacturing facilities in these countries as well.

Leading products: SOFY Bodyfit, SOFY Pantyliner, and SOFY Tampons. (Source)

Best women's health and beauty products

3. Johnson & Johnson

One of the largest and most diverse healthcare companies in the world, Johnson & Johnson has R&D facilities in the US, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, and India. Recently, the company was named the ‘most admired company’ by Fortune, for the 16th time in a row, as part of its globally influential list.

Last year, the company’s feminine care division launched the portal ‘Only,’ which provides daily updates on women’s health, beauty, and feminine intimacy.

Leading products: Stayfree Secure and Stayfree Dry Max. (Source)

Find out Johnson & Johnson’s market share in the global feminine hygiene products market

4. Edgewell Personal Care

Edgewell has a portfolio of 25 brands with presence in 50 countries. Edgewell is an American pure-play company that recently signed an agreement to acquire Jack Black L.L.C. to strengthen its men’s skincare products range.

When it comes to feminine care products, the company has managed to carve a niche for itself in the American and European markets.

Leading products: Carefree, Playtex, and O.B. (Source)

Best women's health and beauty products

5. Kimberly-Clark

One of the most recognizable brands in the world, Kimberly-Clark produces mostly paper-based products. The company also develops a wide range of items made of natural and synthetic fibers that are manufactured using novel technologies applicable to fibers, nonwovens, and permeable fabrics.

With brands like Scott, Huggies, and Kleenex, Kimberly-Clark holds the No. 1 or No. 2 brand share in over 80 international markets.

Leading products: Kotex, Intimus, and Camelia. (Source)

View this related report: Global Feminine Hygiene Wash Market 2018-2022

6. Bella

Another leading name in the global feminine care products market is Bella. Well-known for its low-cost products, the company has managed to reach out to women from all sections of the society, in a multitude of international markets.

The brand is owned by the Polish company Toruńskie Zakłady Materiałów Opatrunkowych. A market leader in Central and Eastern Europe, Bella is gradually making a major impact in the Asian markets as well.

Leading products: Tampo Bella, Bella Herbs, and Bella Ultra. (Source)

Best women's health and beauty products

7. Kao

Kao is a well-known name in beauty care, human health care, as well as fabric and home care. High sales volume in China has contributed to the success of this brand in the Asian market. The company’s line of feminine health products fall under the category of human health care.

Leading products: Merries and Laurier. (Source)

8. Bodywise (UK)

Part of Natracare, Bodywise (UK) manufactures organic and natural feminine hygiene and baby care products. It pioneered the creation of a gynecologist and dermatologist recommended range of feminine hygiene products. One of the first 100% ethical brands, Bodywise products are approved by the influential British charity, Vegetarian Society.

Leading products: Natracare Tampons, Liners, Wipes, and Natracare Maternity Range. (Source)

Best women's health and beauty products

9. Cora

A brand committed to removing the stigma associated with menstruation, Cora is committed to using only organic cotton, certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard. The company has already collaborated with foundations in Kenya, India, and the US to spread the awareness about feminine hygiene.

Leading products: Applicator Tampons, Liners, and Body Cloths. (Source) (These are one of the best women’s health and beauty products!)

10. Masmi

Masmi strives to bring nature and technology together to create products that are healthy and have no side-effects. Masmi’s organic products have been well received in the European markets and are now making their way into the Middle East and Asian markets as well.

Leading products: Masmi maternity pads, Masmi digital tampons, Masmi organic intimate gel.

It is a positive development that many companies, both pure play and multi-specialty, are venturing into the feminine products market. Also, as female entrepreneurs enter the market, the discussion around these products has garnered much greater attention and frequency. With special focus on women from emerging economies, where the stigma related to menstruation is gradually being reduced, it is expected that the demand for feminine hygiene products will grow exponentially in 2018. (Source)

Best women's health and beauty products

4 Best women’s health and beauty products fromwomenshealthmag:

1 | To Fall Asleep Faster…

When you’re lying awake bug-eyed, you can either make shadow puppets on your closet door or pop a sleeping pill and risk feeling groggy the next day. Or you can try the Zzone Sleep Solution: a 60-minute CD of not-too-New-Agey instrumental music to use at bedtime (or if you awaken in the middle of the night) to encourage your body’s natural relaxation response. The sciencey stuff? Zzone’s tunes reduce beta waves (present when we’re alert or agitated) and stimulate theta waves (present during meditation or when we’re falling asleep). Yes, it sounds bogus, but the occasional insomniacs we polled fell asleep an average of 15 minutes faster while listening to the music to combat stress-related sleeplessness. $25, includes two additional CDs for stress relief and relaxation plus a guidebook, Better Sleep; available at bookstores (Source)

2 | To Protect Your Teeth…

Barry Manilow tunes have little soothing effect when a dental hygienist manhandles your gums with floss. You’ll spend less time thrashing and decrease your risk of developing gingivitis or cavities if you make the Oral-B Triumph Professional Care 9000 Series part of your daily routine. The rechargeable toothbrush signals you when to change position (move on to the back teeth!), stays on for 2 minutes (the recommended brushing time), and alerts you when the removable head needs changing so you won’t brush with worn-out bristles. Pricey, yes, but studies have shown that rotating brush heads reduce plaque by 11 percent over manual toothbrushes and cut back on signs of gingi-vitis by nearly 20 percent. $140, includes two brush heads, travel case, charger, and base station; Oral-B. (Source)

Best women's health and beauty products

3 | To Enjoy Your Calcium…

Chocolate calcium supplements have bombed big time thanks to their rubbery texture. But Healthy Indulgence’s marble-sized chocolate balls actually taste Wonka-worthy (think Hershey’s Kiss). They have just 25 calories each — same as a Kiss — and contain 500 milligrams of calcium (take two a day) plus 200 IUs of vitamin D, which enhances calcium absorption. And let’s face it: Eating two chocolates per day is a cinch. $12 for 11 oz, HERO Nutritional Products. (Source)

4 | To Avoid Dangerous Drug Interactions…

Vodka and tonic belong together. Antibiotics and antacids? Not so much. Combining the two can decrease the amount of the antibiotic released into your bloodstream, causing that UTI or other infection to stick around longer. The Web site RxWise helps you avoid this and more than 100,000 other adverse drug interactions — causing everything from anxiety and constipation to tremors and depression — that occur each year. (Adverse drug reactions are among the top 10 causes of death in the United States.) Simply enter your age, sex, medications, and medical conditions through the secure site or USB flash drive and software. Your personalized risk summary pops up in seconds. $24, RxWise; $40 for USB flash drive and software. (Source)

I hope I helped you find some of the best women’s health and beauty products! New to If so, check out my latest post on “23 Best Bedtime Habits for Sleeping like a Baby…zzz!” Stay tuned for new posts every week! 🙂

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